Made in Italy
high quality craftsmanship

A mix of
taste and creativity

Nicki Colombo expresses fantasy and intuition, familiar experiences that are renewed over the years.
High-quality craftsmanship which has its roots in competence, research, the study of the best fibres and attention to the finish of the products.
We have decided to keep the production local to express and support the true value of Made in Italy, our suppliers are long-standing companies from the area, and our production, too, uses processes typical of the Treviso territory.
Our clothes items are “timeless” accessories, with a classic taste but with an eye to the new tendencies and modern colours.

The history of a vocation

Going back over four generations of our family’s history, we have a story of Italian “savoir faire” craftsmanship, a weave of adventure and love in the world of accessories and knitwear.