Geoffrey B. Small - Men's show - SS16 collection

Fabrics made by Tessitura La Colombina from Badoere - Treviso - Venice - Italy

15/7/2015 - Paris, 20 June 15 - Radicalissimmo

RADICALISSIMMO- ’Well the name sort of comes from another idea which everybody in the business that I work with and care about shot down completely, so I had to be flexible and change things a little bit.

Then as I’m working on the collectionI start finding these amazing things and people going on in Northern Italy. All the stuff we have been screaming about and pushing over the past decade… you know sustainability, ethics, innovation, handwork etc. real clothes-making and real clothes design well it’s starting to take hold out there… I mean others are hearing us and unlike the rest of the industry, they are not going to give up. We are not slowing down, we are stepping down on the accelerator…

Fratelli Piacenza in Pollone Biella with almost 300 years in business is the world’s oldest woolen mill still in operation today, but let me tell you they have just delivered us the most advanced, cutting-edge cashmere and superfine wool technology the world has ever seen-the lightest pure Alashan cashmere suiting cloth that has ever been created and more for an amazing spring/summer collection…

Luigi Parisotto in Sarcedo Vicenza now the world’s greatest research weaver, has come up with a mind-blowing new set of antique linen, silk, cotton, wool and cashmere yarn weaves in eco-sensitive ways that are just marvelous to the eye and to the touch.

Ratti the great silk printers in Como, with 3 magnificent continuation patterns that we are modifying for the very first on our own in our workrooms that will make them even more special and unique in the entire world of collector clothing design.

And perhaps we have found the best handmade shoemaker in all of Italy today. Aggeo Caccia is a maniac. this guy is a leather psycho machine, and he has built 2 shoes for us that we will bring to Paris that will blow everyone away.

Tessitura La Columbina in Badoere: the Colombo family is launching a return to their hand loom technology and totally hand-woven fabrics for us with an amazing story that goes back 2 centuries in a region which is in the midstof creating a real silk revival, not just in the printing, not just in the weaving, but in the cultivation of the silk this is going to be the return of an artisan industry that is centuries old here in northern Italy, but they’re coming back and they are going to give China a run for the money that they are not prepared for-

Serica dell Marca founded in 1870 up in Follina Treviso another tremendous force… modern machinery, modern looms, 42 of them, 13 of the state of the art looms in the world today and this company is ready to go…

in Venice, the legendary Fortuny factory founded by the artist Mario Fortuny at the turn of the 20th century world famous for their special magical prints on Egyptian cotton using a secret process on the island of Giudecca, for the first time being used for clothing in almost a century.

All these companies are working with the greatest names in corporate luxury, but now they are working with us. And they’re all driven by one common goal, one objective,to make the most amazing, the best, the very best, fabric and clothing that anybody in the world today can make. And it’s all going tocome from an area in northern Italy. We are all working together on this. And it’s an amazing thing. It’s a grass-roots, back-to-the-soil, revival movement for artisan fabric making and clothes-making at the highest levels.That’s what ’Radicalissimmo’ is all about. And that’s what we’re going to bring to Paris. What’s it going to look like? I have no idea. For that, we’re just going to have wait and see how it plays out.

And on June 26th, we’ll know.’

Geoffrey B. Small

25 June 2015

Video shot by Jerome Chichet, Sound & Lighting Maurice Giraud, Set design & Art Conceptualization Paul Bradley Studios, Model Casting & Direction Stephane Olivier. Collection created and produced by hand at Geoffrey B. Small via Spalato Workrooms, Cavarzere Venezia Italy. copyright mmxv all rights reserved.

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Fabrics made by Tessitura La Colombina from Badoere - Treviso - Venice - Italy

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Fabrics made by Tessitura La Colombina from Badoere - Treviso - Venice - Italy

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